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  • Pat Barrington

    Hi Mary Beth:
    Very good article to outline the efforts of breeders in Canada. Well done! I would like to make a minor correction though to your first paragraph, and actually it further commends the breeders in Canada. We had actually been involved in initiatives for 5 years, not 3 (at the time of your writing… now 7 years 🙂 We actually began our "initiatives" in May, 2005 when we acknowledged the need to educate ourselves about CM/SM and invited Dr. C. Rusbridge to provide an education seminar. Before anyone could make any advances in research, we first needed to accept that this was actually a disorder for our breed and then set about understanding it by contributing data. Raising awareness was our first initiative. Over time, some questions have been answered, thanks in no small part to the participants, but as you said, we've still a long way to go. Pat Barrington

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