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  • Jen

    Booster gets brushed out whenever we sit and watch TV, or if he comes home covered in burrs. I'll definitely try the de-tangling spray!

    My husband can be of the mind that "the dirtiest dog is the one who had the most fun." Even for royal spaniels. And we have white carpets. I'm glad cavs are small enough to carry to the tub!

    The item that made the biggest difference in Boo's coat has been the undercoat rake. It works great to get out the dead fur, and to work out tangles and mats. I'll have to try the zoom groom (the cats love it, never tried it on the dog) to see how it compares!

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  • mycooldog

    Honestly, my favorite grooming product is a detachable shower head. Putting the head directly to Elsa's fur (on low, of course) helps rinse out ALL the shampoo, where previously I would have to rinse her with a cup in the bath which took FOREVER.

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  • Unknown

    I couldn't live without my Booster Bath!! With 3 dogs to wash, it's a must. All set up in the garage with warm water running from the washer so I don't have to worry about dog hair flying around the house. My 2nd favorite is my slicker brush. I don't know I lived without it before. It's itchy scratchy time right now and the slicker brush (doggie man from PetEdge) slicks the knots right now. You've listed some great items, gonna give them a try. I've never used a curry brush before. Gonna have to give that a try!

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  • BeeSueBee

    Three faves. My 1st favourite item right now is a big, open baby bathtub. I do my grooming on the kitchen table because it is nice and high and with a big towel around it, it's so easy to quickly give her a muddy foot bath or even a total bath. My second fave is a small pair of cutting scissors. She's a pet, not a show, so I trim her in certain places, but I had really long scissors and found it so awkward. Now, with a sharp, small pair, I can really quickly cut where I want (always putting the hair between my fingers so I block her skin). My third fave is grooming videos on youtube. I have really perfected my technique, particularly under her paws, from watching professional groomers on youtube!

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  • Marjorie

    Really nice site, great information. Unfortunately, I can't offer any grooming tips as my Cavaliers are two little grubs that I get shaved down every eight weeks. I always admired those beautiful coats, but my girls lead such an active life and are either in the woods or at the beach almost every day. The drying coat thing sounds interesting.

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  • CK

    My six cavs have access to the outdoors all day and know how to get dirty! I have recently started using Panagenics–I love the result after just 1 use. I was previously using Isle of Dog, which is good, but I never realized until changing how much it strips the coat. One of my cavs is a therapy dog, so she has to be bathed frequently. I use a wire brush I got at WM along with a buttercomb and just brush whenever we watch TV. I have used a furminator and will continue with it at certain times of the year. I never knew a cavalier could shed so much. I will also have to try the zoom groom–actually I had never heard of it!

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  • Charleen Capwell

    My favorite is the JW’s Gripsoft Flea Comb. I use it to get out snarls in the cavaliers hair. With the long teeth on the comb, you can work gently to get out the mats. I think I bought mine at WalMart. It's very comfortable in the hand too. can you buy accutane online uk

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  • Anonymous

    Wow what a timely discussion for me. I have a girl with loads of coat and will now start using the drying coat every other night. We have poplars in our yard and in the spring it is the tree that sheds and sticky things attach to their coat and the pads of their feet. It is atrocious because it also causes a yellow stain.. My vet says to use 'skin so soft' to get those sticky things off their feet and coat… i would assume it would also apply to sticky sap… My dogs, like your dogs play hard in the yard. Maybe the skin so soft will keep the mosquitoes from biting them as well Anita Alexander

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  • Kari Wise

    Where oh where is Lucy's drying coat? In our travels between shows and other visits it has gone missing and there nothing…NOT A THING…that can replace it. Even patiently blowing her coat dry, gently combing, doesn't give that same shiny result! But we found the proper fit of the coat makes all the difference. I bought another one online and the slides drooped down her legs. Poor Lucy couldn't even walk in it. So a drying coat that is the right fit is essential.

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  • MB Squirrell (Embee Cavaliers)

    Contest closed. Thank you so much for all the wonderful tips, tricks and products! There is some great advice in these comments. Zoey will help me draw our two drying coat winners tonight and I will announce it in a new post.

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  • Soggibottom

    I don't think Freya Rose Blossom would mind your contest being closed too much, such a wealth of information to be had in this post… think I will always have a sand loving, mud loving sticky paws. 🙂 Although she doesn't mind a brush and dries quickly 🙂 X X X

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  • Anonymous

    Good day. I came across your website after doing a search for grooming coats for my little tri-color Cavalier that I adopted late last year. She had been trimmed with clippers for some reason when I adopted her, and now her hair has grown out to be long and beautiful, and I think that a grooming coat would make her coat beautiful. She is the fifth Cavalier that I have owned and the first tri-color. She has a lovely personality and very typical of the breed. Could you please let me know where to purchase a grooming coat? We live in Lexington, Kentucky. My email address is best place to buy accutane online forum.

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