I’m so fortunate to have a very good friend who is extremely talented with her camera.  She doesn’t like to think so, and she would never admit it….. but I, and most of my friends think she is a fantastic photographer.

Debbie visited last week when the puppies turned 8 weeks old.  She wasn’t able to stay very long, but like always she had her camera in tow ready for that perfect shot.

 She is the reason I became so interested in photography.  By spending hours going to photo meetup groups, taking courses, reading everything possible her talent has continued to develop over time.  Me, well… I just like taking pictures.  

In the short amount of time that she was here, she took some gorgeous photos of the puppies and has kindly let me share them on my blog.  It just seemed like such a waste to have them sitting in my email.

The puppies are 9 and half weeks old and I will update on them soon, but for now I will share the photos that a good friend spent hours on for me.  We appreciate every minute you spent.

If you want to see more of her beautiful work visit her photography site: Beyond the Dog Dish She is entirely self taught and completely amazing.

All photos courtesy of Beyond the Dog Dish, please do not copy.  

My favourite.. the rowdy boys.  Bucky, Charlie, and Calvin

Calvin (formerly known as Super Bill)- He is the first to leave home and we’re missing him very much!

Sweet Calvin

Kismet, 2lbs 4 oz(as of today) of pure attitude.  She is already 10x more demanding than her Princess mother.  A good friend told me she is more like a Countess or maybe even Queen.  Countess or Queen Kismet.. yep sounds right!.

Miss sassy pants

I hope you enjoy the photos as much as I do!