I’ve had several people asking about puppy updates and new pictures.  The puppies are turning 7 weeks (how the heck did that happen so fast?) old tomorrow.  They are officially little dogs with their own wonderful temperaments.  We’ve had an endless stream of visitors and they definitely enjoy being the centre of attention.  Everyone is greeted with wagging happy tails, lots of kisses, and maybe some sharp puppy teeth too.  I desperately need to get some new photos of them, they are SO cute right now. 

Current photos though are going to have to wait.  Jen and I are off to the CKCSCC National in Cobourg tomorrow.  Bucky and Loki are entered in Sweepstakes tomorrow night, and will show on Saturday as well.  Right now I’m supposed to be finishing my sewing projects, packing my clothes, and  bathing my hairy boy, instead I decided to upload puppy pictures. 

These pictures were taken on one of their first trips outside.  They are barely 5 weeks old.

Handsome man
 photo shooter5w1_zps97224c2b.jpg

Toys are wonderful
 photo shooter5w2_zps186eb402.jpg

Being a puppy is hard work
 photo 5w11_zps33ac4c0d.jpg

Mom come in and feed us, we’re starving!  (Molly still feels everyone needs to nurse at 7 weeks)
 photo 5w_9_zps234a39c7.jpg

Cute x 2
 photo 5w10_zps206bb6cf.jpg

I wonder what she’s thinking?
 photo 5w_7_zpse07a5d2d.jpg

On the move
 photo 5w_1_zps98449b2d.jpg

Pretty girl
 photo 5w_2_zpsa296f264.jpg

This outside thing isn’t so bad
 photo 5w_5_zps224bd139.jpg

I love my keys
 photo 5w_3_zpsea790286.jpg

Please let me out!
 photo 5w_6_zps15e0a9de.jpg

 photo kisses_5w_zps0e1fada4.jpg

Off to bath a stinky boy and find something to wear for the weekend.  Hope to see you in Cobourg!  If not, I will have some photos to share soon.