If you’ve been following my Instagram feed lately (embee_cavaliers) you’ll know that we’ve been busy with some new additions.  I’m still a bad blogger but I’ve really been enjoying the quick and convenience of Instagram.  If you have a smart phone with a camera,  I encourage you to join and follow us!

Molly would like to introduce her four beautiful puppies, born at the end of Feb.  In typical Molly fashion they were all black and tan, the only colour that exists in her world. 🙂   It wasn’t an easy delivery for her, but she’s feeling 100% back to normal.  We have 3 boys and 1 girl, all doing well.  Two of the boys were born extremely little but never had any trouble gaining weight or eating.  They are still playing catch up in terms of growth, but they are chubby and sweet just like they should be.

This is an extra special litter for us as it will be her last.  She’s given us some incredible puppies and has been a fantastic mother to them all.  Although some would say to breed her again based on those reasons, we feel it’s best for her to be done with motherhood.  She’ll continue to have duties as chief farm dog.   Chasing bugs,  mice, and squirrel’s,  vising the cows,  making sure my niece and nephew know all about being adored by a dog, and of course being the ultimate potato inspector.

In typical Embee fashion all of her puppies were given call names within 24 hours to distinguish them.  Some breeders use colours and numbers, we prefer names, even though we know and encourage them to change when they leave here on new adventures.  We have Raina, Rudy, Rusty, and Rocky!

Molly, only a few hours after they all arrived
 photo marblog2_zps73qdfsax.jpg

Size difference?  What size difference?
 photo marblog1_zps5hxzrpdp.jpg

Feeling more like herself and loving those babies!
 photo marblog10_zpsychmq3uz.jpg

We’re just at the stage where everyone is opening their eyes.  Still waiting on little Rocky to get his fully open.  This is the big boy, Rudy!
 photo marblog4_zpsrwillpe8.jpg

Raina, she’s going to have those brothers of hers running circles around her
 photo raina1_2weeks_resize_zpsj2dyo4bk.jpg

Little Rusty, eyes not quite fully open yet.  He’s so cute.
 photo marblog6_zps8okqqyxf.jpg

Molly doing what Molly does, feeding them!  I was attempting to clean out their box and she felt they couldn’t go 5 minutes without food.
 photo marblog9_zps1itxy57j.jpg

Clean bed, waiting for Molly to finish nursing!
 photo cleanbed_blog_zpsazuetz0k.jpg

Upside down girlie again!  With her purple monkey.
 photo marblog12_zpsi4dvjssa.jpg

Since I stole both Molly and Ebby, Zoey and Ruffi have been filling in for farm duties.  My Mom is so good to send pictures of them, but I can’t help but notice a common theme…
 photo marblog7_zpshwefoikg.jpg

Cupboards open, empty food dish, and poor starving Zo.  She’s so hungry that she taught herself to open the kitchen cupboards and help herself.  Obviously no one feeds her there.  (Too bad everyone knows that Zo is my naughty dog!)
 photo marblog8_zps4oivd9ua.jpg

Anxiously wanting to share news about these two.  No news to share yet, it’s why I’ve had time to blog this afternoon!
 photo marblog11_zps65mo8qou.jpg

Lastly, note that we’ve updated our puppies page.  We’re hoping to have a litter in the summer from Sadie.  If you are interested in a ruby or a blenheim, now would be the time to get in touch, not when they arrive or are a few weeks old.

To spring, puppies, and some nicer weather.