Who is Mary Beth?


I am a farm girl living in the Greater Toronto Area.

I am a public relations practitioner and love creating online content.

I love social media and understanding what makes it “work”.

Long before I became involved in Cavalier King Charles Spaniels I showed horses, cattle and rabbits.

I am a night owl by preference, and a morning person by necessity.  I am NOT a morning person at all.  Do not phone here before 10am, I’m almost always up before that time, but I don’t want to talk to you! 😉

Taken somewhere in beautiful Maui

I love playing video games but do not get nearly enough time to enjoy them anymore.

Hawaii is my favourite place on earth.

I enjoy sewing, creating and brightly coloured fabrics.  My Mom is a sewing addict and although she tried to teach me many times, I was never interested until I owned dogs.

I am very passionate about advocating for purebred dog ownership, preservation breeding and responsible breeding practices.

I love learning about photography and practising when I can, my photos are 99% dog related.

I hate grocery shopping and putting away laundry.

I’ve lived in Yellowknife, capital city of Canada’s Northwest Territories.

I still want a pony for Christmas.

I love all things purple!

“Embee” is the phonetic sound of my initials M and B together.


Our Zozo in jammies made by me