GCH Embee’s Raising the Stakes, CGN, ROM


DOB: Feb 10, 2014

Ruffi at 2 years old


Ruffi having some fun in the agility ring

Ruffi has really been a dream girl for me.  She’s the perfect little travelling buddy and is always up for any adventure.  She’s fantastic in the show ring, LOVES agility and will jump head first into any body of water she comes across.  Last May she also discovered a pure love for lure coursing and earned her coursing ability title with the American Kennel Club.  She really is a true toy spaniel and I’m thankful for everyday that I share with her.  We’ve accomplished so much together and we still have more that we’d like to get done.   For now she’s at home being the world’s best Momma.



Heart: April 2021, Echo *  Eyes: Oct. 2018  *   MRI: CM mild and SM Clear, per Dr. Stephanie Nykamp DVM, MSc, Dipl ACVR  *   Hips: OFA Fair  *   Patella: Normal   DNA: CC/DE normal, EFS normal