GCH Embee’s Raising the Stakes, CGN

DOB: Feb 10, 2014

Ruffi at 2 years old


Ruffi having some fun in the agility ring

Ruffi has really been a dream girl for me.  She’s the perfect little travelling buddy and is always up for any adventure.  She’s a great little show girl, LOVES agility and will jump head first into any body of water she comes across.  She really is a true toy spaniel.  We’ve accomplished so much together and we still have more that we’d like to get done.   For now she’s at home being the world’s best Momma. 



Heart: August 2019  *  Eyes: Oct. 2018  *   MRI: CM mild and SM Clear, per Dr. Stephanie Nykamp DVM, MSc, Dipl ACVR  *   Hips: OFA Fair*   Patella: Normal   DNA: CC/DE normal, EFS normal