I often get asked by Cavalier owners about our favourite products.  I decided to make a list on Amazon of some of the things that we use and love around here.  That way I can update it easily and it can change as time goes on.  Please note that if you purchase anything from clicking these links to Amazon, I do get a small portion of Ad revenue paid back to me.  I can almost say with 100% certainty it will be re-spent on Amazon for more dog and puppy supplies.. the dog shopping problem is real 😉  

I’d also advise you to shop around for the best price, some of what is on my list can be found at other sources for better.  It’s hard to beat the convenience though of Amazon, especially if you have Prime.  I also haven’t included some of our favourites because the prices on Amazon were insane, i’ve tried to keep things on the list that are within the realm of normal for price.  Also note that most of what i’ve added can be bought in different colours and sizes, make sure you look at both before purchasing anything.  


Happy shopping, love Zozo