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So far, one of the most rewarding parts of being a breeder  is meeting and getting to know some incredible new people.  I always tell those who inquire about can you buy accutane online ukl, that for as picky as I want you to be about selecting a breeder, the breeders you want to work with are the most picky about where they will place their puppies.  

At the very bottom of my puppy contract it states: 
By initialing the following: The Buyer agrees to maintain communication with the Breeder and provide pictures of the dog throughout his lifetime.  Not only does the Breeder take great joy in producing happy, and hopefully healthy Cavaliers, but pictures and open communication help the Breeder make future breeding decisions. 

A few thought it was kind of funny and sweet that I would put this in my contract, but I really do mean it.  It is so important to me to see how the puppies I produce are doing, and to stay involved and connected.

So far, my wonderful owners have been more then up to the task.  A big thank you to all of you.

Here are just a few of the pictures I’ve seen recently of the extended Embee family.

Bucky – formerly known as “buy roche accutane online uk“.  Living with a very good friend of mine and still figuring out if he wants to be a show prospect or not!  Loki and Bucky get to spend a lot of time together. 
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Calvin – formerly known as “buy authentic accutane online”  You can follow Calvin, Maizey and Magnus at buy accutane australia This lucky guy has an amazing dog trainer for a Mom.  He’s learned so much already.  I knew she’d be the perfect match for this brainy boy!
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Charlie – formerly known as “buy accutane online australiabest place to buy accutane”  Living in the land of never ending trails and lakes, Charlie has two wonderful owners and a beautiful new doggie sister in his life (a long legged blonde 🙂  aka Golden retriever) 
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Hansel – very fondly known before as  “best website to buy accutane”  Hansel has the most adorable brother and sister in the entire world.  He’s a very lucky little guy with amazing owners!
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Charlie – Our best place to buy generic accutane This little man gets to go to work with his Daddy and be a perfect little breed ambassador, and when he gets home.. unlimited snuggles from Mom. The ideal combination for a Cavalier!
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Boomer – Boomer was the first one out of our last litter to have his own name. This special little guy has a wonderful owner who has big plans for this boy.   He also has an amazing dog nanny and a cavalier brother who adore him.  The best part for him?  He gets to live far away from cold Canadian winters! 
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Meshi – our sweet little “where to buy accutane bodybuilding” So much to say about Meshi’s incredible home.  She has doggie sisters, and room to run her heart out…everything I wanted for this little one and more.
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Missing from this update buy brand accutane.   Oh my gosh look how tiny she was!  I look back at the pictures of her and I really have no idea how we saved her.. but we did.  Kismet is doing so well it really blows my mind.  She is happy and HEALTHY and I do get to hear about her often. She is never going to be huge but her ruby sister is little too! 
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and just for fun.. a picture of our VERY HAIRY MAN.  Loki and his siblings turned six months old this week..crazy how quickly time goes.
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Ebby is temporarily missing.  She quite possibly was puppy napped and is learning how to be a farm dog at the moment with Molly.  I’ll confiscate her soon for puppy kisses!

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Happy Birthday to our beautiful Zoey!

It doesn’t seem very long ago that I was contacting breeders looking for a tri-colour puppy for a pet, and getting absolutely no where. 

Too young, too far away (inquiring from Yellowknife),  too picky on colour, too many questions,  nosey about health testing (some things never change).. I definitely was not the easiest pet owner to work with! Fortunately for us, we connected with Bonnie Sands at Jewelcroft Cavaliers and our lives have been under Zo’s tight rule ever since. 

Zo, her brother Winston and beautiful Mom Jem. (Photo courtesy of Bonnie Sands and the CKCSCC Yearbook)
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With this face I should have known we were in trouble.
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Zo at 4 months with Riley.  Riley was so good with the Cavaliers
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So stinkin’ cute
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Almost a year old on her first Halloween
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We’re very glad Zoey weighs 18lbs and not 80lbs! 
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Manners?  She has lots.. if she thinks you are watching!  All bets are off if you aren’t. 😛
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Opinionated?  No, never!
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Pretty girl
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While Molly, Sadie, and I were away all weekend at a dog show.. our furball somehow convinced her biggest fan that she needed a bone the size of her head for her birthday.. AND she could have it without wearing her snood.
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Best birthday ever! 
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Happy Birthday you bad thing.  We love you so much!

Embee Cavaliers

Embee Cavaliers is a small hobby breeder located in the Greater Toronto Area. We breed in equal parts for health, temperament, type and conformation. This blog was created to promote purebred dog ownership, preservation breeding and to celebrate living every day with royal spaniels.