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On Saturday, November 9th we lost our Mylee suddenly to a massive stroke, very traumatic for us, pain free and quickly for her. It’s taken me a few days to be able to post this and many, many tears. I know it’s going to take a lot longer than that to stop feeling how different our home feels without her. My way of processing grief is putting together these order accutane from india, I’m not good at it but the memories and clips all in one spot help me a lot. We’ve known and somewhat suspected cancer since May but all the medicine and specialists in the world just couldn’t help. Thank you to Elaine Mitchell for entrusting us with my girl all those years ago, she really was my dog of a lifetime.



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Fall is the best time to go out and take photos.  The dogs love the cooler weather and according to them, anytime is a great time to play ball or frisbee. I haven’t taken many photos lately so it was great to play with my camera again.

Happy ball players!


Mr Bounce, bouncing..


The ever hopeful Finn


Scruffy Ruff, in need of a bath and groom and looking a bit chubby!


Bounce, bounce, bounce.. Tazman and the ball


Finn and his happy boy face


Rex looking extra glam!


Hopefully we’ll have a chance to take some more fall photos before the weather changes.  I’ve done some updates to my website, mostly in the Our Dogs section.   Everyone went to the CFSO’s annual heart and eye clinic and got fresh heart and eye certificates.  All of that info on their pages has been changed to be current.  I have also taken some photos for a Grooming post that I hope to have done soon.  A lot of people ask me about what products to use and how to groom their Cavalier at home, I did a post like this awhile ago but it’s definitely time for an update.  Dirty boy Finn got to be the model for it!  He’s very clean and smelling good for the moment.

I hope to be at thebuy accutane online yahoo answers show that is being held in conjunction with the buy accutane amazon, November 23-25th at the International Centre.  The buy generic accutane online cheap is hosting a booster, so it should be a great turn out.  Hope to see everyone there.

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