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Just thought I’d share some pics of Zozo in her cooling coat. Definitely going to have to add a belly strap for her. It stayed on but I think she’d do better with a strap. Too much squirrel chasing. We didn’t get very far today. It was hot and Zo threw up only a bit into our walk. I turned around and took her home. She loves her evening walks but I think she’ll have to do without for a bit. The coat did work very well to keep her cool.

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Last year my good cavalier friends and I (Debbie and Sara) visited Woofstock in Toronto. It was quite the event with sooo may dogs there and a ton of shopping! The temperature was incredible and there were a lot of dogs very close to heat exhaustion. I was very glad I hadn’t brought my two as it was so hot, and crowded on the streets of downtown Toronto. While down there one of the vendor’s was selling cooling coats for dogs out of this really neat fabric that absorbs water, doesn’t get very heavy and stays COOL for hours at a time. Her coats were really neat, but being someone who is getting better at sewing the more I do it I had a very hard with the price she was charging.. 65.00$ for a cavalier sized cooing coat, unreal!

Debbie and I made it our mission to figure out what material she was using and try to make our own. My first two I made didn’t turn out so well. They were OK but they tended to move around a lot and not stay on as well as I wanted to.

I’m happy to say I have finally figured out a coat that I am pleased with. My girls have tested them out a few times and they stay on, stay put, and keep them cool, yay! I’m planning on donating a few to our upcoming CFSO specialty. I’m hoping others will like them as well as I do. I may add a belly strap as well. I think I can get away without one but we need some better testing.

Here are some pictures of my little red model. She has a bit of a upper respiratory infection so had just got out of a steamy shower with me. Poor girl has been in the shower with me everyday for the past few. The steam helps a lot but makes her wet around the edges!

Laid Out Flat
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Done Up
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Modeling is Tough Work
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I Love You!
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I also have almost a complete line of my most favourite dog shampoo on the planet, Vellus sitting on my table. I get sad looking at it because I didn’t buy it for me! My budget is completely blown up for this month trying to get ready for Zo’s babies. If you are looking for a beautiful shampoo that is worth the price, this is it. It IS very expensive, but when used properly diluted it lasts a very long time and the job it does on their coats is just awesome.

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Embee Cavaliers

Embee Cavaliers is a small hobby breeder located in the Greater Toronto Area. We breed in equal parts for health, temperament, type and conformation. This blog was created to promote purebred dog ownership, preservation breeding and to celebrate living every day with royal spaniels.