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  • ThreeCavalierBoys

    Wow… Monty and Lucky agree that bath's are terrible! Lucky had to have so many baths when he came to live with us that he tries to hide under the bed now.

    Pirate loves the water – he even walks into the shower with mum or dad if they don't shut the bathroom door properly!

    They are really awesome photos!

    Puppy Love from Pirate, Monty, and Lucky

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  • Katie, Maizey and Magnus

    Wow they look truly miserable.;) Both of mine think they love bath time and hop in the tub then remember, "oh crap this isn't fun!"LOL Unless I just fill up the tub for "swim" time then they both love it again, diving for treats is such great fun!

    BTW, the whole mouse thing was hilarious, although I'm sure not when you're living it.:)) I also feel so out of touch with the blogging world, so I'm glad to get an update on your girls!

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