Charlie the Cavalier sent us a completely awesome stylish blogger award! It’s our first award, thank you so much for thinking of us!

Charlie has asked us to share three things about us, and pass the award on to four others. Sounds like fun to me!

I decided that i’d like to share three things about each of my girls.


1. Loves open garbage cans and shredding clean toilet paper.
2. Had a giant stash of my underwear under the bed in my office. Oh the things you find when you are cleaning up and moving.
3. Managed to get herself locked in the linen closet at midnight while I went wildly looking for her everywhere.


1. Likes to sneak pee on the floor if given the chance late at night or early in the morning.
2. Enjoys dining on the Milton bunny population.
3. Has decided she really enjoys handling classes and will be entered into the CFSO Speciality at the end of June!


1. Fully embraces her nickname of Princess and then some.
2. Loves to steal fabric from Mom’s sewing room. (Great way to get instant attention)
3. Can run like the wind. Molly easily out runs both Zoey and Mylee. I used to think Zo was fast!

We’ve decided to pass this award on to four wonderful CKCS blogs. I hope you enjoy visiting them as much as I do!