Embee’s Power to Charm – “Rory”

BISS GCH Saranade Royal Charmer x BBPIS GCH Embee’s Raising the Stakes, CGN, CA, ROM

DOB: November 24, 2019

Rory pictured at 10 months


Rory’s been living the life here at home with us.  She is an extremely soundly put together Cavalier and has never met a toy, ball, or person that she didn’t completely adore. She is the most disgusting “morning person” and starts every day with her beloved crinkle Christmas tree toy in her mouth, for you to tug and throw.. not always appreciated in a house that likes quiet mornings!   Like most of the dogs born here she loves swimming and retrieving.


Heart: Sept 2023, Echo *  Eyes: April, 2022  *  MRI: July 2021 CM Mild, SM Clear per Dr. Stephanie Nykamp, DVM, MSc, Dipl ACVR *  DNA: CC/DE/EFS clear by parentage * Patella: Normal