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Happy Birthday to our beautiful Zoey!

It doesn’t seem very long ago that I was contacting breeders looking for a tri-colour puppy for a pet, and getting absolutely no where. 

Too young, too far away (inquiring from Yellowknife),  too picky on colour, too many questions,  nosey about health testing (some things never change).. I definitely was not the easiest pet owner to work with! Fortunately for us, we connected with Bonnie Sands at Jewelcroft Cavaliers and our lives have been under Zo’s tight rule ever since. 

Zo, her brother Winston and beautiful Mom Jem. (Photo courtesy of Bonnie Sands and the CKCSCC Yearbook)
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With this face I should have known we were in trouble.
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Zo at 4 months with Riley.  Riley was so good with the Cavaliers
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So stinkin’ cute
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Almost a year old on her first Halloween
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We’re very glad Zoey weighs 18lbs and not 80lbs! 
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Manners?  She has lots.. if she thinks you are watching!  All bets are off if you aren’t. 😛
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Opinionated?  No, never!
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Pretty girl
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While Molly, Sadie, and I were away all weekend at a dog show.. our furball somehow convinced her biggest fan that she needed a bone the size of her head for her birthday.. AND she could have it without wearing her snood.
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Best birthday ever! 
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Happy Birthday you bad thing.  We love you so much!

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It seems like my blog posts keep getting further and further apart… I do hope to change that in the near future.  Life has just been, well a bit busy!

Two of our puppies have left home to begin journey’s of their own.   Our little Diamond is now known as Meeshayla or “Meeshi” for short, and “Hansel” was named by his owners a couple of weeks ago.

In typical Cavalier fashion of loving the person they are with entirely, they are both settling into their homes like they’ve always been there. Thank you to their incredible new owners.  I know you’ll keep in touch often, and let me be a part of their lives.  You are what makes sharing this breed with others so worthwhile. 

This coming weekend, Boomer and Cowboy (now known as Charlie) will also start off on adventures of their own.  What the heck am I going to do with no little puppies in the house?!  It seems like its been mayhem here for months.. I guess technically it has been!

We had incredible warm weather on Sunday and it was the perfect opportunity to get out and play with my camera.  Unfortunately my batteries died.. but I did manage to get some pictures I’m happy with.

“Garnet” who is in process of getting a name change.  I’m just not sure to what yet… Luna?  Lexi? Ember?  Ebony?  Lily? (I know if she’s named Lily who she will be going to live with)

We shared this photo of our spunky girl on ourbest place to buy generic accutane the other day.  She’s sticking around for further evaluation as a potential breeding/show prospect.
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We’re going to have our hands full with this one, she loves life and then some!
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Does that face say mischief or what?
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Very pretty girl.
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Charlie has been learning how to play fetch.  Zo has mentored this boy well.
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Ready. Set. Go!
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Zo and him definitely share an uncanny resemblance.. He’s so cute.
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Charlie and Boomer share a stick.. these two are trouble!
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Boomer is the only one I didn’t manage to get any decent pictures of.  He was far too busy for a photo shoot!  Boomer is heading to the States to do some agility.  He’ll maybe dabble in some conformation and other dog sports.  His owners really wanted a dog with lots of drive and go….and well he definitely has that.  I think he got a double dose from both parents.  This little guy is going to keep her very busy! 
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Loki the hairy ewok is getting so big and HAIRY.  Did I mention he’s SUPER HAIRY?!  I’ve never seen a Cavalier puppy with as much fur as he has.
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He’s fully into his teen ganglies and weighed 9.5lbs at the Vet last week.  He’s cute but funny looking right now.  Good thing I absolutely adore him, and Zo and Mylee seem to think he’s a pretty cool dude too.   
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Along with Charlie, Zo has been busy teaching this hairy guy all about frisbee. Bad news for Zo.. he’s getting very good at it!
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Happy Wednesday!

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