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Please be aware that I receive several inquiries for puppies and it’s impossible to respond to everyone.  If you have completed an application, we have received it.  I do NOT keep a waiting list, however I use this application process to place puppies in my future litters.  My next litters are planned for late SUMMER 2023.  It is also important to know that I am primarily a wholecolour breeder, meaning a lot of our puppies are typically black and tan and ruby.  I do breed Cavaliers in all four colours, my preference is just to black and tan and ruby.  I very seldom if ever, have adult dogs or “retired dogs” for sale. 

Also know that we have high expectations from our owners, and insist that our owners have the same high expectations from us.  If you are not willing to stay connected with us for the lifetime of your puppy, an Embee cavalier is not for you.


Visitors to Embee Cavaliers are more than welcome to inquire and view health clearances on our dogs.  Our puppies are sold on CKC non-breeding agreements and leave with a comprehensive folder of information including;

  • Pedigree
  • Contract
  • Individual Veterinary health record
  • Worming record
  • Copies of parents health clearances
  • Copies of grandparents health clearances when available
  • Information on Dr. Dodds vaccination protocol
  • Suggested training methods (our dogs are trained using positive reinforcement methods ONLY)
  • Suggested nutrition information
  • Information on when to spay/neuter
  • Other articles relating to breed health and wellness




Mary Beth Squirrell


marybeth at embeecavaliers dot com