Embee Brinklow Late Night Chatter  – “Tansy”

CH Embee’s Tasmanian Night, CA x Embee’s Buckleup Buttercup

DOB: August 28, 2020


Norma and I’s pretty Tansy on the back deck


A candid of Tansy free stacked in the backyard


Cutest puppy girl!


Tansy’s been living the life at Brinklow Hill with Norma and Lang Moffat.  Norma took one look at her at 8 weeks and decided that Lang needed a new puppy to keep him company during the pandemic.   As Norma says she’s full of fun and the prettiest black and tan she’s ever owned, high praise coming from Norma!  Like her family Tansy is ball crazy and extremely sweet.  She has been busy growing up but I’m looking forward to showing her this year.



Heart: September 2021 *  Eyes: September 2021*  MRI: CM Mild, SM Clear, April 2022  *  DNA: CC/DE/EFS clear by parentage  * Patella: Normal