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  • soggibottom

    I think Amie Soto Blossom would say that a dog needs to be a dog. 🙂 Even with a pedigree that goes back as far AS HER's ….. 🙂
    Amie is daintily placed on a non slip surface in the bath. THEN LET THE WATER FLOW… She used to have ducks when she was a pup, but she kept taking their beaks off. The best part is when she gets out. Old she might be, but old habits of heading for the best bed in the house to dry herself haven't ! :-)xxx

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  • Katie

    YAY for this post!! So funny cause I just added grooming to my list of Cavalier Query post that are in the plans. I always wonder about grooming and mostly use trial and error as you did. I know once you figure out what works for you it makes it a lot easier. I have a feeling Magnus is going to have a Molly like coat, he is really getting feathery and curly. Maizey has a more naturally smooth coat, but her hair gets broken by her thunder shirt so its hard to keep it healthy. The thunder shirt helps her so much though I think the breakage is a small price to pay for her peace.;)

    One question: I LOVE Mollys' natural feet, do your other girls also have natural feet or do you trim them? I think fuzzy slipper (as amie soto blossom calls them:)) are so so cute, but I worry about traction since we have all hardwood floors, also if they drag in more leaves, mud, or if your Magnus The BOY, snail shells. Oh wait- he just carries those in.LOL

    Great post! I'm going to try to figure out how to put it on my blog FB page now.:)

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  • MB Squirrell (Embee Cavaliers)

    All natural feet around here!! I will trim them if they get a bit out of hand. Mylee's little feets are starting to be very hairy on the back. She's due for a trim.

    I don't find them more work at all. As long as you keep the pads clean underneath my two don't seem to have any problems with traction. The only time I hate furry feet is when I take them up to the farm and they find the burr bush!

    I love the natural furry feet!

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  • Bonnie

    Love this post … William always looks like he is is curly after I blow dry him. I ordered the Christensen gold pin brush! I need all the help I can get. I am also going to try putting on his soaker coat. How long do you leave it on? I know … dumber than a bag of hammers!

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    Mary Beth,
    Thanks so much for the grooming tips. Your Cavaliers always look fabulous. I use Vellus product but I don’t think I am using the satin at the end property. I will try that. I do have 2 spayed girls and their coats are terrible. I was afraid to use the Mars coat king to them but I will get on it. Either that or cut it off 🙂 . thanks so much for your helpfulness.

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