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  • Soggibottom

    Ah, bless, I remember those tangles 🙂 Good advice, my very own 🙂
    Freya is very good in the bath, but then she is a CAVALIER 🙂 🙂 🙂 X X X
    I will leave that as an open comment 🙂 🙂 XXX
    Babies you all look beautiful and SMELL SO MUCH BETTER 🙂 X

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  • Debbie

    Great tips, especially the dish soap for the ears! To save time brushing the dogs teeth we use a bath glove. It has five fingers so each cavie gets a finger and the abrasiveness of the glove cleans awesome, dogs love it compared to a brush. I wash it when Im done with soap and water and micro it for 30 seconds to kill the bacteria that might be in it:)

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  • katilea

    Great article. I am thinking of a Cavi and wondering how much grooming they would take.

    I heard alot about ear problems with them been so long. On another forum someone mentioned seeing Cavi's with long and short ears but someone else said the ears were just cut. I'm sure they didn't mean they actually cut the the bottoms of ears to keep them short while they are growing up? .. so assuming they look so long cos the fur on their ears grows past the end of the actual ear flesh?

    So if kept puppy trimmed so wasn't as much feathering, it would look smaller and smaller ears even as an adult keep its 'puppy look'?

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  • MB Squirrell (Embee Cavaliers)

    Hi Katilea,

    Thanks for commenting on my blog post! I always love connecting with people who are passionate about this breed.

    I haven't had too many ear problems with my crew. My ruby Mylee has had a few yeast infections that seem to stem mostly from diet. She is sensitive to grains and chicken and as long as we stay away from those foods, her stay healthy and infection free.

    I'd hope that no one would crop Cavalier ears and I certainly have never heard of that happening. I'm going to assume like you that they just meant the ear feathering that grows.

    If you do decide on a Cavalier it is your choice on how you'd like to keep them. I love long ear feathering but they are a bit more to maintain. Many people who keep them as pets do trim their ears. With trimmed ears they do sort of keep their puppy look. It all depends on what you like and what works for your lifestyle.

    Overall I do feel they are fairly low maintenance breed in terms of grooming. My crew get brushed once or twice a week and do just fine. Excessive coat is not correct, however some variance between coat types is normal.

    Hope this helps some! Let me know how you make out and if you do decide on a cavalier.

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  • Nicole

    Hello, i just discover that blog and i really like it. I am searching information about ears aspect. I have a 2 years old very nice ruby girl, Mony and her coat is very dark and beUtiful…but her ears stoped growing… they stay short. Is there any product who help to grow? Thank you.

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