I followed Ruffi home from the States and I’m pretty cute!

 photo rex11_7_zpsue9mvphk.jpg

I’m very outgoing and wasted no time checking the place out
 photo rex11_1_zpsrmu42fqf.jpg

 photo rex11_5_zpseb3h8pz9.jpg

Can you catch me standing still?
 photo rex11_2_zpsza5m6m7b.jpg

I’ve got beautiful structure and movement for a little guy and maybe one day I will grow up to be a show dog
 photo rex11_6_zpshvlu8onx.jpg

For now my job is to be adorable and give lots of kisses
 photo rex11_3_zpsqnjqc0wz.jpg

Oh and do a lot of this!
 photo rex11_4_zpspq58xdm0.jpg

Norma and I would like to officially welcome Chanctonbury Wild Abandon aka Rex.  Rex is growing up at Brinklow Hill with Lollipop, Nika, and Geordie.  We’re very much looking forward to seeing how this little man develops.  So far he’s everything we possibly could have hoped for, yes even for me.. blenheim suit and all! 😉  A special thank you to his breeder Janet Beck for entrusting us with his care and to Carol Rose for letting him come to Canada.