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  • Anonymous

    Thank you SO much for posting this! I am so glad he is fine but wow that's terrifying. I would have had no idea what was happening or what to do and I would have lost my baby. I will certainly keep an eye on how much swimming we do now 🙂

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  • Anonymous

    Thanks for sharing this story. There has been quite a lot of attention this summer on delayed drowning in children so this is a timely reminder that dogs can suffer from similar things.

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  • Cindy Koehring

    Mary Beth, This exact thing happened to a puppy owner of mine. It was 45 minutes in a pool. It was very very sad, and this girl did not make it. I have tried to educate everyone i know, but often, people just don't believe this can happen. Unlike people who swim and spit out the water intake, dogs swallow it.

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  • chcap

    Thank you for writing this very important article about a danger that not many know about. I remember Suzie and Pixie's story from the cavalier web board days. I am so so glad that this little boy's story ended happily and that Suzie sharing Pixie's story saved his life!

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  • MB Squirrell (Embee Cavaliers)

    The are Comfort Flex harnesses. They are certainly a favourite around here. I love that they sit back on the shoulders and don't interfere with movement. The matting is definitely reduced although I think all cavaliers are genetically programmed to mat behind their armpits, harness or not 😉

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  • Unknown

    This, or something very similar, happened to our Cavalier three years ago when out in a row boat a well meaning relative, tossed him in the water to retrieve a tennis ball. Long two weeks…. Sounds like the same symptoms…..

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  • Unknown

    This, or something very similar, happened to our Cavalier three years ago when out in a row boat a well meaning relative, tossed him in the water to retrieve a tennis ball. Long two weeks…. Sounds like the same symptoms…..

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  • sh8y l8y

    Your story or cautionary tale is good to broadcast in some ways. But rather than painting the university as the good guys who worked tirelessly to save a life, you made then look like unempathetic fools who only turned a deaf ear and blind eye. I'm an emergency vet and I'm also not the type to get offended by every little thing, but reading this made me frustrated. Giving diuretics to an animal with electrolyte imbalances is very risky and takes a long time to prepare and give the injections. Every vet is aware of the existance of "fluid overload" and I promise you they believed you if they were willing to treat for it (I've never treated a critical case a certain way just because the owner or breeder asked me to… I have to have my own reasons to believe it might help), even if it seemed it was only on your insistence. I'm not accusing you of anything, I just worry that stories like this make people so untrusting of a vet's professional opinion. You should absolutely advocate for your pet, but also remember your vet is trying to advocate for them too (you're on the same side). I'm glad it came out alright.

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  • MB Squirrell (Embee Cavaliers)

    Hi Sh8y L8y,

    Thanks for writing and commenting. I appreciate your feedback and have edited my original post to be a bit less harsh. It was a highly emotional day and there were several things to be upset over. I appreciate the challenges of Veterinary emergency medicine but also want to be respected as a knowledgeable client. A year later, a bit of a softer tone is the way forward as the more important part of our story is education. Without their care, we wouldn't have our boy.

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  • Anonymous

    This is extremely good to know. One of my Cavs. will retrieve and swim until he is pooped. How long is too long? Does it depend on body weight?

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  • Diana Schneeman

    We want to rescue a puppy but after our summer heat. We are getting all the info on this breed, and I'm SOOOO glad this was posted. Thank you from the bottom of our heart!

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  • Lorrie

    Thank you for posting this. I had no idea that this could happen and will share this information with all my canine loving friends.

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