My website overhaul and re-do is well under way.  There are still quite a few pages that need updating but I’m trying to do a few each day.

Ruffi’s puppies turned 10 weeks old this week and are doing fantastic. They all visited the Ophthalmologist today and had normal eye exams.  Always well worth celebrating… so we did, outside with a video.  Poor Ruffi really does have a bit of karma going on with these wild kids of hers.  She can be so rough and rowdy when she plays with others, it’s only fitting that her puppies are too!

My biggest news is that I can now officially say that there is a new red head in my life.  We’re still working on a call name but I’d like it to be something Australian.  Why Aussie?  Well this breeding was very special for me as I had imported frozen semen from their Australian Daddy a couple years ago.  With the help of my fantastic Theriogenologist, Dr. Rasa Levstein DVM, DVSc, DACT (Veterinarian that specializes in reproduction) we had 4 healthy puppies.

I wanted to reflect a bit of their Australian heritage in their registered names and when I was doing research I came across the Tirari Desert. Her registered name will be Embee Tirari Sunrise or some form of that.  I’ve been waiting for the right ruby girl to come along for many years and I’m just thrilled to have her.