This is something i’ve been meaning to share for a few weeks now. My kennel name was finally officially registered with the Canadian Kennel Club back in August. When I made this blog several months ago my application for a kennel name was already in progress. I was expecting it to take a few months, as in 2 or 3. A few months turned into more than a few months.. then into seven months, and finally in the middle of August my long awaited Kennel registration finally arrived!


I was starting to get very concerned as by that point I had heard of several people who did not get their first choice in name and even ended up with their third and final pick. I started to get incredibly worried that “Embee Cavaliers” was not going to be. I didn’t mind my second and third choice, but they just weren’t quite as suited to “me” as this one is. By that point I had made this blog, and submitted my information to go in with a few breeders for the Dogs in Canada Annual which is a huge publication put out yearly with information on how to find a reputable breeder and legitimate Canadian Kennel Club registered breeders. A lot was riding on this silly certificate! So it’s here and I am thrilled at finally feeling official.

Like all kennel names there is a story/reason why I picked this name. Some of my breeding friends had said when you do pick your name to make sure that you keep it short and easy to pronounce. That way when you register a puppy with your kennel name you have more letters to play with that aren’t your actual kennel name.

I’ve had a lot of people ask me what the heck my name means. Once you say it out loud, and have known me for awhile, for most it is easy to figure out. Almost everyone that I am good friends with calls me by my initials of “MB”. I even tend to sign my emails with “MB”. My real name is Mary Elizabeth which was shortened to Mary Beth, and then once again shortened to MB. Embee is a play on those initials. Hopefully soon the first litter of Cavaliers will be produced with the Embee affix attached to their names.

Zo is acting freakishly similar to her last breeding. It is still early for any concrete signs to be showing yet. I am going to opt for an ultrasound in two and a half weeks or so. No sneaky false pregnancies to drive me crazy this time!