Every dog has bad habits that their owners don’t like to talk about.

Some like to chew things they shouldn’t. (in my house it is underwear)

Some like to eat things they shouldn’t. (Christmas chocolates)

Some like to bark. (squirrel’s are evil)

Others like to pee in the house. (occasionally a lazy little red dog will do this if the weather isn’t to her liking)


Especially my beautiful Zoey, who is always on her best behavior, and never causes any trouble in my house at all…. (HA)

Love nothing more than an open bathroom door.

She has become extremely proficient at taking the lids off the bathroom garbage, and she is especially good at stealing new toilet paper roles out of the package.

Mylee of course isn’t innocent, despite being very good at convincing you she is. I’m sure it is a joint effort to notice the opportunity to have a TP party as soon as the house is empty and a bathroom door is left open.

Over the past few years there have been several. The most recent one was when a good friend visited me, and used the bathroom before going out to dinner. She doesn’t live with dogs and didn’t know that there were doggy rules to follow.

Rule #1 – Bathroom doors must be closed at all times!

This was my first clue that my dogs loved toilet paper. Our first tp mess and boy did they go all out.

She looks so cute but *so* guilty

An entire new package of mega rolls

On every inch of my living room floor


Yep, they went all out and had a blast while no one was home

This is the latest fun from my friend leaving that door open.

We weren’t gone for that long, the party was just getting underway

Caught in the act – Thanks for the evening of fun!

She is over four now, and will forever be in love with tping the house. No opportunity is wasted.

So if you are ever visiting, now you will know… bathroom doors closed please!