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  • Miss Kodee

    LOL brings back memories seeing your living room like that!! Yes Tping the house is a favourite activity here too. Love when the dogs get the end of it and run… without it breaking for a while!

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  • Lori T

    Replace your two girls with my two boys and all this could be (is) happening at my house.
    Everything from the underwear, to the squirrels, to the peeing in the house by a little red dog that doesn`t like the cold, to TPing the house by a little tri boy as the culprit with every chance he gets….now the TP is hidden so he can`t find it. 🙂
    Very funny post, MB!!!
    Lori, Jasper & Rufus

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  • Love My Cavaliers

    That is so funny!!! Our last Cavalier did that, but not as bad as your two girls. Come over to my blog and I'll repost our TP party that we woke up to early one morning about 4 years ago with Brinkley. Happy to say Marley and Jasper haven't discovered TP yet and their 2 years old so hopefully that means they won't. Thanks for the laugh and wishing you a very good vacuum cleaner.

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