Pyo – dervied from Latin meaning pus. Metra – derived from Latin meaning uterus.

In its more complicated form pyometra is a term that all owners of intact female dogs need to know. After every cycle the thought needs to be there, to be watchful of, to be mindful of.

As many of you are aware Zoey underwent an emergency spay due to pyometra on Tuesday. The pictures were taken by our amazing Veterinarian during her surgery. They are graphic, but they are real.

If you own an intact female dog, you need to educate yourself regarding the signs and symptoms of pyometra. It is an emergency situation that will lead to the death of your bitch if not treated immediately.

Zoey’s 24 hour progression


6:00pm – Zoey scarfed her dinner.

8:00pm – Someone peed in the house.


2:00am – Zo wanted out to pee. (red flag #1)

4:15am – Both dogs up, and wanting out. This is somewhat normal at our house. My little hunter has a preference for the early morning hours.

7:30am – Zoey refuses her morning cookie. (red flag #2)

8:00am – Zoey refuses breakfast. (red flag #3)

At this point I am concerned but hopeful. Being that we had bred Zoey 3 weeks ago, one of the signs of canine pregnancy is a bitch going off their food.

5:30pm – Return home from school. Zoey was quiet most of the day.

Let dogs out, Zo has diarrhea. Clean her up, and notice brownish discharge. *FREAK*
Take her temperature. 39.5 C, fever. *FREAK* Call my Vet.

6:15pm – Zoey’s ultrasound shows that she has pyometra. Emergency spay scheduled for the morning.

9:oopm – Zoey is extremely lethargic, and feverish. Her discharge has increased. She is a *very* sick dog.


6:00am– Zoey is a mess in the morning. Her hind is covered in disgusting reddish brown discharge. She has trouble walking, and doesn’t want to move. She is extremely feverish, and gravely ill.

12:00pm – Zoey is awake and recovering from her surgery.

Symptoms to recognize
  • Lethargy
  • Increased thirst and urine production
  • Loss of appetite
  • Possible discharge
  • Possible fever
  • Symptoms can vary a lot between girls

The best thing you can do? Educate yourself through some wonderful resources. Observe your girls carefully, and do not hesitate in calling your Veterinarian if you are concerned.

Have you ever had an emergency with your dog? What did you do?


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A quickly healing tummy and back to stalking the cookie jar.