I often take time to reflect on what happens in my life. I am someone who likes to consider all angles and never jump to any conclusions. I pride myself on being level headed and able to look at the big picture. For me reflection is healthy.

I have spent most of today and yesterday in reflection. Going over every little detail, reading as much as I can, and wondering what went wrong when the likely answer is…nothing.

My heart aches for a friend and what could have been, what should have been, and what will be.


Breeding is an emotional roller coaster. There are extreme highs and there are deep lows. As I venture into what is the very start of becoming a breeder, I have already experienced both of those emotions.

The high of Molly doing well in the show ring.

The high of experiencing a puppy being born.

The high of evaluating a promising litter.

The low of Zoey not becoming pregnant and almost losing her to pyo.

The low of Mylee experiencing a painful day.

The low of losing a tiny puppy.

Sometimes mother nature is cruel.

The irony is that as I reflect today, I also wait in excitement as another friend eagerly anticipates the arrival of what could be.


We’ve been busy around here.

Sadie is growing up.


Zoey has taught her how to play ball


and Frisbee.


Mylee has taught her to always take time to smell the flowers


and appreciate the joys of hunting mice and rabbits.


Mylee’s MRI for research did not phase her at all. I wish the same could be said about me. I was so worried about my girl.


Lastly we are all yearning for more lazy summer days. How is it the end of August already?