Its been pointed out to me that a comment in my last post regarding MVD has offended some readers.

I would like to clarify this comment:

Fortunately for our Cavaliers veterinary medicine has come a long way in regards to diagnosis and treatment. Many cavaliers with MVD can live comfortably for several years with careful treatment, management and monitoring.

The comment above should be taken simply as it is stated. Cavaliers when first diagnosed with MVD can and do live longer with the intervention of veterinary medicine and conscientious

I in no way discredit the severity of MVD in our breed or the great impact it has on owners and breeders who deal with it. It is a horrible disease, and it is not ok that progress hasn’t been made to improve quality of life and longevity in our breed.

However, I would not take the time to write this blog if I did not care about education and supporting breeders who are doing everything they can to improve and save this breed. There isn’t many, but there are a few.. and they deserve every ounce of support I can muster because they certainly do not get much when being lumped into the general category of “breeder”.