I know, I know.. I promised to share show pictures of Loki, Ebby, and Bucky at CFSO, and I will.  Molly however, is demanding that I share her news.  And since you just can’t argue with a Princess, we’ll share our show photos another time.

Yesterday, Molly presented us with 5 beautiful puppies.  She decided to do things completely the opposite of last time..

  • Day 58 delivery last time, day 63 this time.
  • Less than a 12 hour first stage labour last time, 24 hours this time.
  • 4 handsome fellas and 1 little girl last time, 4 beautiful girls and 1 little boy this time.

Every pregnancy is definitely different!

A tired but incredible little mom.
 photo day1-2_zpsd5c7dfb0.jpg

Can you find a puppy?  She likes them well covered, but somehow always knows exactly where everyone is.
 photo day1-1_zps24fa8a13.jpg

Our first born, X-Ray.  She made her appearance in the back of my good friend’s car at just before 4:00am.  You do what you gotta do to try and get a puppy delivered!
 photo day1-xray_zps389b6625.jpg

Twister was born next, not long after arriving home.
 photo day1-twister_zps59e9f175.jpg

Next came our little fella Shooter.  Let’s just say he earned his name honestly by his flying entrance into this world.
 photo day1-shooter_zps5a78aad0.jpg

Little Sabre was next.  She’s the littlest at 4oz, but determined and feisty.
 photo day1-sabre_zpsed8ce6ec.jpg

Tealeaf arrived last, and after being up straight for over 24 hours I was so thrilled to see her.  She’s the biggest at the moment but we’ll see if that continues.
 photo day-tealeaf2_zps0b1649d8.jpg

We’re trying to decide on a theme for this litter (for registration), but we’re leaning on car songs.  The sire has a wonderful car name, and I think we’re going to carry on that tradition.

Sooo what is your favourite song about cars?   This song is for sure on our list!