We are in full hibernation mode here and loving it.

I’ve consumed many cups of tea thanks to David’s Tea advent calendar.

I’ve had my favourite foot warmer on my feet non stop (he’s furry, black and named Loki)

I have completed several sewing projects.

My ensuite bathroom is scrubbed from top to bottom,

and I have even managed to do some much needed work on this website.

I always seem to get itchy for a new look when the seasons change. With all the beautiful snow outside I really wanted to dress everyone and go out with my camera in an attempt to get a new header photo.  With -30 or so windchill I’m content to leave summertime Mylee and Loki awhile longer.

We’ve had Ebby visiting for boot camp.  She’s turned into a bit of a spoiled farm dog but we’ve mostly been working on getting her ready for a few upcoming shows.   She’s really matured into a beautiful girl and selfishly I wanted to steal her to get some updated photos.

Ebby is Nika’s daughter.

 photo ebbygirl2_ps2_zpsd0fa1e08.jpg

So pretty!
 photo ebbygirlps2_zps0dcb67a8.jpg

Looking thoughtful
 photo ebbyps1_zpsb0dfcce0.jpg

We also celebrated a very important NFL win this weekend.  Mylee says Go Indy!
 photo myleegoindy_ps1_zpsb70779a3.jpg

Someone insisted Zoey needed her photo taken too.  Her ratty ears are a dead giveaway that she is overdue for a bath, tomorrow’s job.
 photo zops1_zpsaabadc53.jpg

In my hunt for winter photos to turn into a new header, I came across photos of a very hairy winter beast.
 photo winterbeast2012_ps3_zps8669f9b7.jpg

Is it a dog?  Can’t be.
 photo winterbeast_ps2_zps0f199e5f.jpg

Busted, that face gives it away!  It’s Loki.  What a difference a year makes.
 photo winterbeast2012_ps1_zpsc00b933b.jpg

Cavalier puppies definitely teach you a lesson in patience.
 photo loki_ps1_zpsa914e77c.jpg

From that hairy snow photo though you can sure tell who his mother is.
 photo mollyps1_zpsac02c8fd.jpg

Stay warm and drink lots of tea.  Orrr do what we did and book a last minute vacation to somewhere warm.  This time next week I’ll be sipping a cocktail on the beach.