You probably have noticed that things here have been a bit of a mess.  My poor neglected website was in desperate need of updates to begin with and then Photobucket went and royally screwed things up for it’s long time users.  They seemingly disabled 3rd party hosting over night with no warning in advance, not even to their long standing paid customers like myself.   I had been using 3rd party hosting over Blogger simply because it was the easiest way to get the sizing I wanted for my photos.  This essentially made all of my content with photos (and there was a lot!) completely ruined.  Photobucket users have the option of paying $400 USD a year to have their 3rd party links turned back on.  Yes you read that right… $400.00!  Not only is that an absurd amount of money, they have completely lost my trust in them as a company. Needless to say I won’t be paying it and I learned a hard lesson, it’s better to host your own photos.

The easiest way for me to do this was to convert everything over from Blogger to WordPress software and start hosting it on my own server.  I’ve had to redesign my website from scratch and much of it is still incomplete.  The annoying Photobucket 3rd party hosting photos will likely continue to plague me for awhile to come, especially if you want to look at content in the past. I have to individually update each post and attempt to put things back together.  Sadly, close to 10 years worth of content will never be the same again.  I have no idea what photo was with which post.

The good news is I finally have interest in blogging and posting again.  I’m also considering developing a Youtube channel, we’ll see.  For now enjoy a couple puppy pictures!  Things won’t be quite the same but there is nothing an adorable puppy (or two 😉 )  can’t fix.

Ruby girl at 6 weeks


Finn at 6 weeks