At the end of May we welcomed two litters born within a few days of each other.  I don’t usually breed two girls so close together but the timing was right.  We much prefer to have warm weather puppies here so that they are able to go outside and enjoy the nicer weather.  Half sister’s Lolly and Ebby both free whelped their puppies and have been fantastic Momma’s ever since.  They are now 5 and 5 and a half weeks old, right at that super cute snuggling stage. Since Lolly’s were born over Victoria Day Long weekend with a royal wedding happening the same weekend, they all have royal names.


This little girl is Tori, she reminds me so much of her Momma Lolly, just in another colour.





Rose has the sweetest little temperament, very happy and outgoing



Anne is our bully at the moment, big, strong, athletic, confident and BOSSY.  She’s always on the go!



Harry is our little guy.  He was born half the size of his littermates and struggled to gain weight.  I was just going to start supplementing him with tube feedings when I decided to try and see if Ebby would nurse him.  Ebby is a bit of a “helicopter mom” and her two rubies were born very large and strong.  She was so full of milk and there was way more room for little Harry without being squished out by his bigger siblings.  It worked, Ebby fed Harry for the next 3 weeks as her own.  He’s still smaller than everyone but doing great so far.



Will is very sweet and laid back.  He loves a good snuggle and is very much a go with the flow kind of guy.



4 days later we had our two rubies born.  We named them Ron and Ginny and of course they had their adopted little brother Harry.   Ron reminds me a lot of Daddy Reese, while Ginny looks a lot like her Momma just in a ruby jacket.  We’re thrilled to have both of them.




All puppies are spoken for and I am not taking inquiries at the moment.  We’re just sharing because…cute puppy pictures!