Quite the title right?  It absolutely fits.

For the past 3 weeks my phone has done nothing but ring and I’ve received tons and tons of inquiries about purchasing puppies through email, phone, and Instagram.  Some have been absolutely wonderful, others it is clear are just mass mailing breeders as fast as they can.  I’m terrible at the best of times about responding to puppy inquiries but this has been on a whole new level.  I do not breed very often, absolutely detest the concept of a waiting list and how some breeders take deposits for future litters, and in general have a very strict and somewhat difficult placing process for my puppies.  I’m never in a hurry to commit and I do not make any promises.  I place them when and where I feel is the absolute best home for my puppy.  That home may have inquired 6 months ago or it may have found me 3 days ago.  I’m very sorry if I haven’t got to you or responded to your inquiry, but it’s been absolute madness.

So a blanket statement here.  My breeding program is currently on hold and will be until the world is a more stable place.  It is NOT the time to be searching for a puppy.  Most Veterinary clinics are emergency only and even getting basic things done such as a puppy check, microchips and first vaccines are not considered essential.   New puppy owners will have no access to in person socialization or training classes that are so desperately needed for both owners and new dog.  Groomers for basic nail care are closed and even things like sourcing a raw food diet is starting to become a bit difficult as supplies are running short.

These puppies of mine were conceived at Christmas and I’m very thankful that I have no more on the way.  It’s been very stressful trying to find ways to creatively introduce them to new things and socialize them as we cannot currently have visitors over.  I am unable to meet their new owners in person and that bothers me so incredibly much.  Thankfully these guys are all going to people I either already know really well or who are good friends of my friends.  Thank goodness for some wonderful connections.

Enough of that, we had fun this afternoon taking some photos.  I’m not sure how but these guys will be 8 weeks old on the 21st.  Brutus our gentle giant of a nextdoor neighbour has taught himself to jump our fence.  It is a normal sized sturdy wood fence and yet somehow he scales it so gracefully.  He adores the puppies and just can’t help himself.  They honestly feel the same about him, thanks for the added socialization Brutus!

Our pretty black and tan girl Raine, looking very much like her Momma Cricket.

Grandma Ruff was on puppy duty today.  If Momma is outside, it’s all about her and we can’t get any photos!

Storm, this little BT boy is very confident and outgoing!

Our little man Cloud isn’t looking so little anymore!  I adore this sweet boy that started off SO small.

This is Finn’s “mini-me’ Frost just painted fully in red.  He reminds me so much of Daddy Finn, his looks, his mannerisms, and the way that he HATES to come inside.  A true outdoors kind of guy.

Our glamour girl Twister, she truly believes that she is a Princess already.

Storm on the prowl!

Storm and Twister thinking about what type of trouble to get into.  They’ve recently discovered how to dig!

What? Do I have something on my face?  ~ Raine

Oh, hey!  Look who is here?!  It’s Brutus!

Nose kisses for Brutus.

Brutus needs a hug <3

Storm and Brutus having a chat

We’ll see you soon Brutus, thanks for the visit!

Until next time, stay home, stay healthy.