The doggies and I were fortunate to be able to spend some time up at a good friend’s cottage in Muskoka.  While the world is still a bit uncertain, it was fantastic to be able to get away for a couple weeks.  There is nothing better than fresh air, privacy, the loon calls on the lake and being able to swim and hike to our hearts content.  I didn’t bring my big camera but here are some highlights from my phone.

Taz, enjoying the view


Load em up!  Time to go fetch splash balls from the lake


Life jackets on for safety, Loki especially is determined around water.  He runs and jumps right in without much thought or concern!


Rob and a fishing buddy


Lake dogs!  I love how Loki takes off on his own at the end of the video


Beautiful views at the Oxtongue Rapids and great hiking


Finn is not a fan of swimming even though he’s certainly very capable.  This is very much his “I’m so not impressed with you right now” face.


Rory ready for another round of fetch splash balls out of the lake


As you can see in the video, she got very good at it!  She’s 8 months old in these clips and photos


Taz and Loki showing off their splash ball skills.  Taz is in the orange life jacket, Loki neon yellow.  Loki celebrated his 8th birthday the month before!


Is it time to go home yet?  Out of all my dogs, Finn was the most homesick.  He was especially missing the air conditioner vents that he lays right on top of when it’s hot. This is him pouting in the corner on his cooling mat, not quite as good as home but it’ll have to do.


Taz all packed up and heading home.  A quick stop for gas.

Until next time beautiful cottage.  Thank you for making our 2020 Summer wonderful.

As a side, I’m still getting numerous inquiries every day about puppies and although I’ve replied to some, there are many I just haven’t been able to.  I’m sorry for that.  I am trying to respond to the ones that have done some research, are familiar with the breed and have been following us either here or on Instagram but even that has been challenging.  With our area now well into stage 3 and most things operating (although differently) I was comfortable enough to move forward with a long planned breeding I had.  Please know that I currently have NO puppies available, even though I may be sharing some photos in the near future. If you have sent a comprehensive inquiry and I do end up with something available, I will contact you when I’m ready.

Along with demand of puppies everywhere, the price has sky rocketed among those “breeders” trying to take advantage of the current market.  As always, it’s buyer beware. This breed is still one that is very prone to significant health challenges.  Finding a puppy from a breeder who is doing the proper health testing in Ontario is becoming closer to finding a needle in a haystack, there isn’t many.  Please make sure you are seeing current health clearances by Cardiologist, Ophthalmologist and in this area especially, there is no good excuse as to why an MRI for Chiari Malformation and Syringomyelia hasn’t been done. Accurate and affordable DNA testing is available for Episodic Falling and Dry Eye Curly Coat Syndrome, it should be done long before a breeder has puppies on the parents. Do not compromise on something that is so easy for a breeder to do and can save a lot of future heartache. A certification for normal patellas and an xray for hip dysplasia are also important for this breed.

With the pandemic some of these clearances have been challenging to get updated or completed at all, however I’m happy to learn that several health clinics for breeders are going ahead as scheduled.  I’m looking forward to having my guys hearts and eyes updated with the East Lake Cavalier Club in September. If your breeder can’t provide current health certificates and is charging an exorbitant amount of money, my advice is to go elsewhere and be prepared to wait.