Well like I suspected Miss Zo is not pregnant according to her X-Ray yesterday. She is however having what is called a false pregnancy, where they go through a lot of the signs and symptoms. She even has put on two pounds in weight! While not surprising it is still a bit disappointing. There were so many signs that were pointing to pregnancy, however in these last two weeks it had become apparent to me that something was a bit “off”. She may have been pregnant and lost them earlier on, she may never have conceived in the first place, or she also may be having what they call a “split” heat as throughout the last few weeks she loves nothing better than to hump her sister! Something she only typically does when she is coming into season and during it. Either way I probably will never know for sure why she missed. Sometimes these things just happen.

We will gather our thoughts and make some plans for the future. She is due to have her heart tested for MVD again (yearly), and an eye exam. I’m not sure if timing will work out on her next season but we will see what the next few months bring. If not I hope to add a new girl or boy to my crew soon in the future and all the health testing will begin all over.. MRI, Heart, Eyes, Hips, and Patella. Breeding is definitely not for the faint of heart!

Zo doesn’t seem to be concerned that she isn’t pregnant. The only thing she doesn’t like the sound of is her diet began last night. 🙂

What’s this I hear about a Diet?!