It has always somewaht amazed me that despite living under the same roof and receiving the same care in terms of their teeth my girls have completely different looking mouths. You’d swear one was having their teeth brushed several times a day, and one had never been introduced to a toothbrush at all! They are that far apart from each other. Just like people who have good teeth and those who don’t, dogs are all different.

In an attempt to put off a dental for a few more months for Zoey, I have been trying out Checkup Dental Treats from Costco. They’ve been having them pretty much everyday for over a month and I must say that I have been very impressed. In terms of ingredients there isn’t much in them and the dogs seem to really enjoy them as you will see by the videos. Definitely something to get super excited about! They don’t last long if you are looking for an actual chew rather than a treat.

Most importantly though Zo’s teeth have made a remarkable improvement in terms of tartar and plaque build up. She is still going to need a proper dental but I feel better knowing that i’ve found something that will help with our brushing schedule and hopefully keep them as clean as possible as she gets older.

My demanding Princesses have come to expect their daily chewy and get very excited when they hear the bag. When Mylee is excited or happy she makes very high pitched little yips. Very rude, not proper doggy rules, but incredibly cute. I love that she is so overjoyed that she has to tell the world about it. We have had times where my little Mylee hasn’t felt well enough to enjoy her life. I treasure each day with her that she is feeling so well and happy. I am in process of writing her story. Its a hard one for me to tell but it is one I’d like to share. Hopefully in the next few days or so.

She also makes similar little yips if she feels that she has been forgotten. Zo was here first so I always tend to feed Zo first, give Zo her cookie first, and give her her chewy first. Mylee would really like for that rule to change around here! She fully believes she should be the only object of my attention and that everything should be about her first. She is so cute though that she gets away with it, and it really does make me smile.

This first video is of me giving Zo her chewy first. I asked them to stay, and used our release word of OK. Zoey is great at her stays and only needs one command when Mylee isn’t in the picture. I have to keep repeating the word stay as Mylee tends to jump the gun and come running full tilt yipping the entire way. As she does true to form in this video regardless of the extra commands. lol. Obedience dog she is not!

Zo gets her chewy and goes into the living room.

This is the performance from Mylee after she didn’t get hers. So bad but entirely too cute for her own good. I swear if she could talk she’d be giving me what for. “Where is MINE?” “I can’t believe you just did that!” “Look I know she has one in the living room behind me!” “Seriously woman, what the HECK?!”

Yes she is definitely a spoiled girl.

I hope everyone had a wonderful fall weekend. I’m still fighting a cold that I have had for over a week. I hope by next weekend I’m finally feeling better. I’m scheduled to put in eye drops at our yearly Cavalier Fanciers of Southern Ontario eye clinic where we bring in an Opthamologist to do CERF certifications for breeding cavaliers and pets. Eye health in cavaliers is very important so if you are looking for a puppy make sure that it is from parents who have had a recent eye exam by an Ophthalmologist.

This year we are also putting on a heart clinic at the same time, in partnership with the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club of Canada Health and Education Committee. Since it is many of the same people who are on the Health and Ed committee who organize and volunteer at the eye clinic for CFSO it just made sense. Like eyes, yearly MVD clearances by board certified CARDIOLOGIST (not a regular vet) are absolutely essential. I hope to take some pictures. We are booked solid for both and I’m guessing over 60 dogs booked for each. Should be a wonderful day.