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  • sara

    Love the ideas! 🙂 They are adorable. I still need to get mine some monkey sweaters. Faith says YAY for the flying squirrel toy! 🙂 I don't know if I told you or not, but we lost one of ours in the ocean this summer. I threw it out too far in the surf and it was either lose it or lose faith (seriously, she is THAT OCD about it!) and.. well, we lost the toy. I hope your guys have a very merry Christmas!! 🙂

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  • BeesueBee

    Tried the puzzle ball today and although it took the toddler playing with it to get her interested, she did start chasing it around the house once she noticed the treats falling out now and again. Thanks for the tip! You see all these things at the pet store, but half the time you take them home and they just sit. Waste of money. Here Chloe (from Hartscontent Cavaliers, born Jan 1. 2011) is playing with hers: buy authentic accutane online

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