I wanted to give those of you who have regularly been reading my blog a heads up on something I am going to be completing over the next few weeks.

As part of the requirement for my social media class I am to write a series of blog posts on one subject. When I originally saw this assignment I was really excited and knew exactly what I wanted to write about; evaluating a litter for a show prospect, training a show dog, and competing in the ring. I am not an expert and still have a ton to learn myself, but I do think I can offer something meaningful. I also know that readers here have expressed their interest in learning more, or even the basics.. that I can do.

As my class progressed, I realized that my classmates would be taking part and commenting, but we still had the option of posting it live on our blogs if we had them. From that detail my confidence in my original topic went downhill fast. No one in my class is interested in cavaliers, training them, and participating in dog shows, or wants to read about them. So I abandoned it.

Instead of my original idea, I picked a very broad general topic that most people would be able to relate to and comment on; photography. It is something I love so you think it would be easy to write about, and honestly for you guys it probably would be. I spent all last weekend writing up a post on general photography tips with the plan on posting them to my internal class for blog comments today.

Now on the day before the deadline of my first submission, I have come full circle once again. Why the heck would I do a drab, blah, blog post on photography that will likely not be read, and the only comments/value that is given to the reader is because people have to for marks. Nothing against my wonderful classmates!

But no wonder I was having difficulty writing about it.

This is where you guys come in.

My final decision is back to my original one. I will be writing a mini blog series on picking a show potential puppy from a litter, training your puppy for show, and ending off with entering a show. I still have a lot to learn myself, but I think I can pass on some tips to those who ever wanted to try showing, or just want to know more about it.

I hope that most of my readers here will find engaging and meaningful. Content that will help and educate those who stumble across it, and more importantly content that I hope will be enjoyed. After all anyone could write a blah drab blog post on photography if they wanted.

Feel free to leave lots of questions or comments. Is there anything you wanted to know more about that you’d like to see included in this series? I chose you guys for that reason. I really do love your comments and input. You make this blog fun for me to write.

First installment coming later today.. yikes.