My poor blog has been so neglected this week. I haven’t managed to visit any, or comment on anything. I’m feeling very disconnected from the blogging world! School has consumed me this week. With several assignments due and almost due, and two midterms to finish out the week it was rough. Not much sleep, and entirely too much work and study. I don’t think I’ve been so glad to see a weekend since I started the program!

My second blog post is coming up due so I will be continuing on in my mini blog series about showing a dog. It will be on some basic training things for the show ring. I don’t know much but I do know basics! I have so much to improve upon in that area. I hope to take some pictures at handling class tomorrow night. It’ll be good to get the camera out!

Like the title says we have mice. Gross. Mylee however thinks it is awesome. She is a wicked little killer. She caught one a week or so ago, and now she is on patrol in all areas of the house. You only have to walk by the area near the fireplace where she caught her victim and she gets all worked up… silly little red monster. Now it is gated off and all my stuff stored under there is pulled out. Previously all wildlife that she has caught has been outdoors. This is the first victim that was actually *in* the house. YUCK.

It is serious business hunting mice. She is the laziest dog ever, unless there is something to kill and then she is fast and to the point. Efficient quick kills only for this girl! When she is excited she makes this awful high pitched screaming/bark, it is horrible to listen to and very embarrassing when in public. It sounds like someone is trying to kill her! You’ll see what I mean in the video.

As you can see Zo is clueless. She can’t figure out how to hunt or what the ruckus is over. Mylee is sitting on my bin of future whelping and puppy supplies. It normally lives IN the cupboard where the murder occurred.

Here is to hoping there are no more mice incidents this week. I suppose I shouldn’t worry, after all Mylee will make short work of them.