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  • soggibottom

    Thank you for this post. There is nothing that makes me so angry as people who try to make money from dogs… no matter what breed.
    I might be a bit biase with Cavaliers 🙂
    There will always be someone who will pay for a special breed of dog.
    Dog cookies would have worked for AMES… not with me !
    :-)x x x
    Actually she would have insisted on ice cream too !

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  • Empty Nest Mom

    While I agree with you wholeheartedly I must say that it isI not that easy to find a breeder – much less one who does all the recommended screenings. When I was looking for Max only ONE breeder out of the many I contacted even responded to me. I sent each an e-mail describing our home situation and how I had planned for a puppy since getting my Mindy 10 years earlier.

    By the time I was looking for Rylie (a year later) I decided that I had better plan for the search to take a lot longer. This time – every single one of the breeders I contacted responded and passed on names of others if they didn't have puppies themselves. Maybe the difference was timing – maybe I was lucky in the breeders that I chose to contact this time but I talked to several very lovely people who were very generous with their time and advice.

    Tri colour puppies that nobody wants? Surely that is criminal? All I can say is I don't think my willpower would stand up very well if they were girls even though two dogs is EXACTLY the right amount for me right now.

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  • MB Squirrell (Embee Cavaliers)

    Thanks for the comments everyone. It was a bit of a ranty post, but I was seriously PISSED off. It may not be easy finding a breeder but they are out there and they are doing their best!

    The tri boys are adorable and very *nice* puppies. Hope we can find them homes soon.

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  • Anonymous

    I see nothing wrong whatsoever with someone making money breeding a dog provided the health and well being of the dog and the home that is selected for it to go to is checked out. Thanks for the information on this breed. Sounds like they make great friends but then again most dogs do.

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