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  • Schnauzer Days

    Hi Guys! What a great trip – we just love the photo of Robin 🙂 You look very comfy in that stroller, don't get too used to it – very handy for times like that though, we don't do crowds so would enjoy hiding away in there. Dex & Lou

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  • Momo and Pinot

    Hello and nice to meet you! You have a wonderful blog!

    Woofstock was a lot of fun, wan't it?? We were at the festival on Saturday. We didn't stay long but we were pooped after we got home. It's too bad that we missed each other.

    That Cavalier girl is our friend Shelby! She was a fashion model on the show. Thank you for sharing many great photos. The photo of Robin makes us laugh!

    Momo & Pinot xoxo

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