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  • Bonnie S

    Congratulations Zo! Your Mommy is very proud! Using selective breeding based on health testing is the only way we can hope to improve upon heart health in our Cavaliers. It is important that pet owners do so too – so they know the heart health of their Cavalier and they can pass this important information onto their breeder. Together, we can all make a difference!

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  • katie, Maizey and Magnus

    Wow! What great news Marybeth! I can only hope for such good results with my two. Maizey saw the regular vet two days and ago and he said her heart sounded good and clear. She's two months from being three and I was glad to hear she's clear so far. I have to plan ahead for the cardiologist next year since the closest one is over 500 miles away.:( So glad your girls are all clear!

    OT, but I laughed so hard when I saw the pic of Zoe standing up. She has very similar markings to Maizey and her black hair is very long too. We call this Maizey's butterfly wings since both sides are so long and almost touch the ground now.LOL I love it.

    BTW I have snood pics of Magnus for you, just waiting till Maizey gets feeling a bit better to take hers and then I'll put them into a post and email you. Thanks for them we LOVE them!!!

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