While trying to fall asleep in the early hours of 2012 I had time to reflect on what a year its been. 2011 was extremely busy for us. We had lots of highs and of course a few lows, but overall its been an incredible year.

Here are some of our “doggy” highlights for the year;

We bought a beautiful house with a gorgeous yard and moved for what was hopefully the last time for many years to come. It is *so* nice to be settled and rooted somewhere. Our house and yard is perfect for us and the dogs. The girls adore their yard and take their job of chippy (squirrel’s) patrole very seriously. Mylee is thrilled that we still have lots of bunnies and mice at our new house to make her hunting adventures always exciting.

Ears up and alert, bunny?!


In the early summer we welcomed Sadie into our little pack and are anxious to see what the future holds for her. She has the sweetest temperament, beautiful structure, and comes from extremely healthy lines. Sadie offers us many different directions we can take with our breeding program. Right now her job is to grow up and offer a good friend who was desperate to have a cavalier some comfort and joy. A job she takes very seriously!

Beautiful long ears for a baby, one of my favourite pictures of her.. of course I had to catch it on my Iphone

In July, I was elected as the Education Director for the Cavalier Fanciers of Southern Ontario. I am very excited to implement some important initiatives for our breed that I have in the works. Details coming *very* soon. If you live in Southern Ontario and have a cavalier, keep this fresh in your mind. There is something special being planned specifically with you in mind. 🙂 *hint* The picture below is a clue.


In 2011 Embee Cavaliers hosted our first giveaway. It ended up being a huge sucess and although a ton of work, I enjoyed every minute of it. I’ve gotten several pictures back of adorable faces in snoods and we successfully raised money for the CKCSCC Health and Education Committee through the sales of our folders. I plan on overhauling my snood page very soon with some of the photos we received. The CKCSCC still has lots of cavalier two pocket folders available for sale. They are $3.00 each or 4 folders for $10.00. If you are interested in purchasing any please contact me. We are going to plan a few more giveaways for 2012!

CKCSCC Health and Education Committee’s 4 pocket folder

Thankfully 2011 was also a fairly healthy year for my girls.


Continues to do incredibly well on her current medication for severely symptomatic chiari malformation. Most days on medication you would never know anything was wrong with my little red dog. I am so thankful for everyday we have with her that she is doing well.



In 2011 Zoey developed pyometra. This was the ultimate doggy low for us this year. My beautiful spunky girl was so sick and we easily could have lost her. Thankfully she recovered very well from her emergency spay and antibiotic treatment. She also was MVD clear by cardiologist this year at 5 years old. A milestone that I hope many more cavaliers will reach in the future. Link

My all time favourite photo of Zoey



Had a beautiful, clear MRI scan, and passed her heart and eye clearances. We are so thankful for this girl.

The Princess


Along with her health, Princess Molly and I had a wonderful 2011 in the show ring. She is a complete joy to show. Molly is well on her way to completing her Canadian Championship and finished the year by going Reserve Winners Bitch at the Elora Gorge Kennel Club on Thursday Dec. 29th in a competitive entry. I’m fairly new to the show ring and choosing to show a black and tan princess has been an interesting introduction to the world of dog shows. My girl has done well though and I am proud of her.

Look at her face? Does this girl enjoy showing or what? Thank you to Lisa Lott of Wug Cavaliers for this photo of Molly in the ring this summer


Earlier in the year. Another photo I adore of my girl in the ring. Thank you to my good friend Debbie Souch – Bark’n About for this gorgeous picture of Molly in the show ring


That’s our Coles notes version of 2011. We wish you and your dogs a happy and healthy 2012.

I want to thank you so much for your continued support of this blog.

Blogging can be very time consuming and coming up with content and posts is sometimes challenging. It is you the readers who make this blog what it is. Because of you I am motivated to create content that is insightful and practical while keeping with my goal of celebrating our beautiful breed.

2012 we’re ready to find out what you have in store.