The puppies are all doing really well and growing up far too fast. 

Our days are spent taking them out into the yard as much as possible, feeding several meals a day, and attempting to teach them how to drink out of a bowl.  They are almost entirely litter box trained and although we have to clean up the odd mess they are very smart and clean puppies. 

We’ve had lots of wonderful visitors and hopefully it will translate into very happy, confident, and social puppies. 

Tonight I had them out just as the sun was going down.  It’s been hot so early in the morning and in the evening have worked the best for letting them play.  I managed to get a few pictures before we lost all of our light.  They are so hard to take pictures of, everything is done at full speed, and the minute you sit down they are in your lap or chewing on your pants!

Their personalities are definitely starting to come through, and i’m seeing more and more glimpses into who they are going to be. 

Our little girl who I am calling “Kismet” at the moment.  She still gets “Squeak” and more often than not “little girl”, “girlie” and “girlie-girl”

She already loves to pose for the camera and believes the world revolves entirely around HER.  She’s right.  It does.

This is “Spot”.  He is impossible to get pictures of and is a complete hellion.  Can you see mischief written all over his face?  He can be plain bad!

I also should have had my zoom lens on, I would have had better luck getting this shot.  

Mr. Chunk.  He’s huge.  His body is big.  His paws are big.  He’s just plain BIG.  He’s also full of attitude and is in complete love with Zoey.  Truth be told…Zoey thinks hes pretty swell too although she’d never admit it.

Our little guy who I’m having a horrible time getting a picture of.  I’m in complete love with his head, overall type, and extremely sweet easy going temperament.  Still not the best picture of him.  I tried forever to get a good one of him tonight.

And last but not least “Super Bill”.  He is going to end up being the sweetest little guy.  He adores people and is the first one in your lap.  He’s also not shy about rough housing with his brothers, and cuddling with his sister. He also seems to enjoy posing for the camera!

I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend.  I can’t believe mine is over.