Not much to write today but I do have some pictures to share!

 photo 3w-1_zpsb0671115.jpg

 photo 3w-2_zps0e0c9463.jpg

Can I give you a hug?
 photo 3w-4_zpsd1d52c36.jpg

My fox is the best
 photo 3w-5_zps5bd8d68b.jpg

Sabre is so cute
 photo 3w-6_zps3dbcc6f4.jpg

Handsome boy
 photo 3w-7_zps652182e0.jpg

More pictures?
 photo 3w-8_zps7a185bf6.jpg

Our Molly
 photo 3w-3_zps24bbcbab.jpg

Loki – almost 14 months old, still very hairy
 photo 3w-10_zps1036b4f4.jpg

Bucky, all ready for this weekend’s show
 photo bucky_miltonshow_blog_zps7eba1363.jpg