Nika and I are thrilled to introduce her new babies, born in the early hours of Wednesday.  It was a very uneventful textbook whelping and as always Nika is being a fantastic mother. 

This was a black and tan to black and tan breeding and although we knew all four colours were possible, Nika and Sonny decided to have a bit of a parti!

Introducing in birth order;

Starburst, beautifully marked tricolour girl
 photo starburst_2days_zpsd4f347bc.jpg

Tiger, fierce ruby boy!
 photo tiger_2days_zpsd352d69c.jpg

Rodeo, wild black and tan girl.  I wouldn’t expect anything less than wild 😉
 photo rodeo_2days_zps5b710ba0.jpg

Skip, nicely marked tricolour boy who loves to eat!
 photo skip_2days_zpsc02c31e9.jpg

Comet, adorable ruby boy with white toes
 photo comet_2days_zpse237d647.jpg

Dottie, gorgeous tricolour girl
 photo dottie_2days_zpsdc1dc35e.jpg

As you can see Nika is in fine form and has already begun her famous ball collection.  Orange one first, and a pink one tonight.  All that white in the box is a bit weird for me. 
  photo Nikaandbabies2_zps3746f37e.jpg
Nika watching carefully as I take pictures of her crew.  Looking a bit concerned but very pretty.
 photo nika_2days_zps33debce7.jpg

To more sleepless nights with adorable puppies and their mom. 

I am planning to sneak out for a few hours on Sunday for the Cavalier picnic.  Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend and maybe see you on Sunday!