Jen and I survived the CKCSCC Nationals and had a wonderful time.  There were some gorgeous dogs entered and some very deserving winners.  I connected with lots of friends and met some new ones too.  I do have some pictures and stories to share, but for now I wanted to share some current photos of our puppies and a little video I made.  

Cooper’s owner enjoys watching the puppies from afar so I try and take some video for her.  This time I decided to do a bit of basic editing, this is the end result

The bounce!

We seem to have two speeds around here.. super fast and asleep, so it is hard to get half decent photos.

As you can see they will tell you that being locked up in a large grassy area with a tunnel is pure puppy abuse.  They want the entire yard to do as they please!
 photo 7w-1_zpsa21c2318.jpg

If I look adorable will you let me out?
 photo 7w-2_zps91367087.jpg

Full speed!
 photo 7w-3_zps4a14bad1.jpg

Beautiful topline and tail carriage for a little man
 photo 7w-4_zpsbe21365f.jpg

So cute
 photo 7w-5_zps7930713b.jpg

Zozo loves the tunnel too
 photo 7w-6_zps8c12b95c.jpg

Zooming through!
 photo 7w-7_zps7669755c.jpg

Something caught my attention
 photo 7w-8_zps995919aa.jpg

Running is what I love to do
 photo 7w-9_zps9911c488.jpg

Tunnels are perfect for wrestling
 photo 7w-10_zpsc5457dc5.jpg

Mini Cooper Jr. in a black coat
 photo 7w-11_zps6189b272.jpg

See the resemblance?
 photo CooperApril2011_resized_zpsa1f04ac1.jpg
Follow the leader
 photo 7w-12_zps9db8c29b.jpg

So handsome
 photo 7w-13_zps198adfc6.jpg

I’m really fast!
 photo 7w-14_zps05962db6.jpg

This is the only way you’ll get a picture of my face
 photo 7w-15_zps9822f88f.jpg

Very feminine girl
 photo 7w-16_zps876f31e3.jpg

Molly makes her boys hairy and chunky!
 photo 7w-17_zps374135f5.jpg

Twister with her prize
 photo 7w-18_zps0975d8e0.jpg

I’m so pretty
 photo 7w-19_zps96a8b419.jpg

You have 0.1 of a second to take my picture
 photo 7w-20_zps1b0dba42.jpg

I’m tired enough to sit!
 photo 7w-21_zps575c9ec8.jpg

Zoey has been busy teaching them about the joys of frisbee!
 photo 7w-22_zpsdf578d5b.jpg

Does this look like a naughty face?
 photo 7w-23_zps6475e409.jpg

Mylee “this way for the bunnies”
 photo 7w-24_zps695930e3.jpg

Keep up, you gotta be quick when hunting wabbit!
 photo 7w-25_zps55ffbb12.jpg

 photo 7w-26_zps124a3273.jpg

We’re adorable when we stay still!
 photo 7w-27_zps490ea519.jpg

We have two visitors who will be staying with us for awhile.  Nika and Kismet, so there will be lots of photos of them to share soon.