Embee Fam Jam 2015 came and went with great success.  We had an incredible turn out and beautiful weather.  A special thank you to Jen for playing photographer this year.  I know everyone looks forward to the photo booth pictures and I couldn’t have done them without her.

We host this event annually as a thank you to the special people who own and love our Cavaliers.  Selfishly, it’s for me.  It gives me the best excuse ever to hug our “kids”, see how wonderful they have grown up and how much they are completely adored by their families.  Embee Cavalier owners are simply the best.

Even our little guys got to visit with everyone.  They were almost six weeks old and spent most of the time being passed around from person to person.  Nothing like early socialization!
 photo fmj1_zpsbjtadu5a.jpg

Let’s get this party started!
 photo fmj2_zpsxczfq3wa.jpg

Lots of time for snugglin’
 photo fmj3_zpsi1aqgxw8.jpg

 The perfect time to see old friends and make new ones
 photo fmj4_zpsq8pvaahe.jpg

This breed amazes me, it doesn’t matter how many Cavaliers are together it is very rare that there is ever a problem
 photo fmj5_zps6qvoxunl.jpg

Saying hi!
 photo fmj6_zpsrhi7tpjj.jpg

Smiles everywhere
 photo fmj8_zps1mfrgoxv.jpg

When you are tired there are lots of loving arms around!
 photo d6ae2500-1087-45d4-b088-eff8e0e74ccf_zpsqs0okomj.jpg

Time to eat
 photo fmj7_zps5e7xxb9g.jpg

Yep, this hat was made for me
 photo 9a476e67-9d6c-4ba9-8984-637b9bdf7660_zpsekqt4h1f.jpg

Some of my favourites from the photo booth.  Make sure you view the slideshow for the entire day!

Grandma Molly, Daddy Loki, and Daughter Ellie
 photo fj7_zpsukdrlneu.jpg

Molly and her daughter Ruffi giving sass to the camera
 photo fj9_zpsx8udhn4y.jpg

Momma Molly, Brother Max, and his sisters!
 photo fj11_zpsssvttkup.jpg

My girl
 photo fj15_zpsc7iufric.jpg

Baron simply rocking the photoshoot, born model
 photo fj21_zpsr6qbphbw.jpg

Jetta, always a lady
 photo fj27_zpsgdeiaiv6.jpg

 photo fj29_zpskri86qsj.jpg

Tyson.. I’m sorry buddy, I didn’t do it!

 photo fj1_zps1ebmuc9y.jpg

My favourite bowtie boys
 photo fj33_zps6xenhd4l.jpg

Molly’s daughter Princess Puff
 photo fj34_zpsazywjr7b.jpg
3 of 4 same expression, with tongue!
 photo fj5_zpswg2udt3y.jpg

The full slideshow.  Please let me know if you want a copy of your picture. So love having these photos of everyone.

Can’t wait for Fam Jam 2016!