Norma(Brinklow Cavaliers) and I would like to introduce our new litter born on March 7.  GCH Revelry’s Blue Moon Rising (Jace) x Brinklow Embee Lollipop.  2 tri boys, 2 tri girls, 1 blenheim boy.  All are doing fantastic, including our beautiful little Momma.

Their Embee names in birth order:
Atlas – tri boy
Bo – tri boy
Luna – tri girl
Gizmo – blenheim boy
Nova – tri girl
Head count, how many can you see?
 photo lj4_zpszn4zllwd.jpg

Brand new.  First born at 4am, last born around 9am.  Lolly just wanted to be sure I couldn’t have any sleep.
 photo lj3_zps0pqpf9lj.jpg

A few days old and already growing
 photo lj2_zpszetjnwc7.jpg

Just over a week old, yes Gizmo is the biggest!  That little blenheim dude sure knows how to eat
 photo lj6_zps2eb6uzta.jpg

Taken a few days ago by our good friend Gwenne.  Our beautiful Momma and her little ones
 photo lj5_zpsmig3es5r.jpg

We’re just starting to see hints of eyes thinking about opening.  I love it when they are first able to discover their world!   Looking forward to sharing more puppy photos soon.

Our next litter is planned for the summer and will be black and tan and rubies.