I wanted to share some photos from our last litter.  I’ve been busy today cleaning up and updating my website.  There is still a lot I’d like to do with this website and I’m starting to think about doing the odd blog post again, we’ll see if I can stay motivated long enough to get back into it.   I think it’s important to share more of what happens behind the scenes as a breeder.  It’s often a roller coaster of emotions, both good and bad and there is a lot that goes on behind the scenes.  It’s more than just having and raising puppies occasionally.

I thought I’d start easy by sharing some photos of our most recent litter.  Before I get a ton of inquiries for puppy availability, they are all spoken for and have made their way to new homes.  My application process for puppies has and and remains closed.  I can’t respond directly to all the inquiries I get for puppies, it’s overwhelming and very time consuming.  It’s easier just to have a blanket statement saying that we aren’t accepting any.  I wish it was easier finding a puppy from a reputable preservation breeder but sadly there isn’t enough breeders doing what they should be in their breeding programs.  Be very careful who you elect to purchase a puppy from regardless of breed.  Ask lots of questions especially in regards to updated health clearances (not just heart and eyes), and be prepared to wait a long time.

These beautiful babies were born at the end of November and have been a complete joy in all regards. Daddy was BISS GCH Saranade Royal Charmer “Harry” a beautiful ruby boy in Minnesota, who I’ve been watching develop since he was a young dog.  The dam was our gorgeous “Ruffi” GCH Embee’s Raising the Stakes, CGN, CA who adores being a Mom.  It was somewhat bittersweet as this was Ruffi’s last litter, she turned 6 in February and has contributed so much to my breeding program.  She won’t be happy just sitting on the couch so we’ll try and keep her busy and look forward to showing her as a Veteran next year,  She would also tell you that she wants to run some more lure coursing and find some FASTcat trials, I wish it was a sport that was more developed in Ontario for non sighthound breeds, most of my Cavaliers love it!

I named this girl “RJ” or Ruffi Jr. because she reminds me so much of her Mom.  She’s not quite as over the top in personality but is very sweet and loving and has a beautiful outline both standing and on the move.

Rob named this beautiful red head “Summer” and she’s going to keep that name in her new home.  Summer has gorgeous reach and drive and is very laid back and sweet in temperament.  She’s not typical for most of the rubies we’ve had here.

“Benny” is now named Huey and has an absolutely wonderful home in Toronto.  That sweet face gets him out of any trouble he may find himself in and I know he’s a king of snuggling.

Summer, looking adorable.

What?  I don’t have anything in my mouth.

This pretty  girl was known as Maizy here but her new call name is “Sadie” better known as Embee Frostwood Star Charmer.  If you live in Nova Scotia, you’ll have to watch for Sadie in the show ring. I was thrilled to be able to share her with Wendy and Peter Aalders (Frostwood Cavaliers) who have been waiting a very long time for a beautiful black and tan girl!

“RJ” and her beautiful front/neck.

“Summer” – Can’t a girl take a pee?

Sadie and Summer doing some winter gardening for me.

Hey! Who’s on the other side of that fence?!  Neighbour dogs Brutus and Blue love saying hi to everyone.

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